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Walk With Me: New York

Walk With Me: New York


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From photographer Susan Kaufman, Walk With Me: New York isan intimate celebration of the beauty and charm of New York City through more than 200 color images.

For some people, New York City exists only in their imaginations, a big-screen beacon of wonder and 24/7 delight. For others, it’s a dream destination: the diverse urban center where they will finally feel they belong. And still for many, it’s the place they already call home. No matter how you view New York, longtime fashion editor and photographer Susan Kaufman will help you see the city with fresh, appreciative eyes.

As she travels with her camera through New York, Kaufman invites readers to see the city as she does: from the sidewalk. She explores the beauty of the city found in its charming townhouses, decorated shops, lovely parks, shop facades, and serene streetscapes. New York may be known as the city that never sleeps, but beneath the bustle, there’s a soulful side, with its own quiet power and universal allure.

Walk With Me: New York invites readers to appreciate the streets and buildings that have made the world’s most iconic city survive centuries of change yet retain its vitality and aspirational magnetism.

“Whether you’re a denizen or a stranger to the Big Apple’s streets, these gorgeous shots . . . will make you feel the magic.” —People

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