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Unforgettable Journeys The Americas

Unforgettable Journeys The Americas


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Regarding unforgettable travel experiences, journeys through the Americas top our bucket list.

Imagine a road trip across the US, cruising along the Amazon, or taking an epic train ride through the Canadian Rockies. Across this beautiful landmass, it's the journey, rather than the destination, that's always mattered the most.

Featuring over 150 inspirational entries, Unforgettable Journeys The Americas is a vibrant celebration of taking the scenic route. We've picked the best adventures across the Americas, from soaking up the oceanside scenery on a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway to sailing between sandy islands in the Caribbean. 

With this book, you can find:

-The main highlights/ locations include the Appalachian Trail, Route 66, icy glaciers in Alaska, Guyana's Kaieteur Falls, Nahanni River, and more

 -Maps that plot the routes and bring their highlights to life, with additional practical information such as duration, difficulty, and start and end points

-Types of transport that you can use on your journey, such as hiking, cycling, and driving 

Take a look at this Inspirational travel book covering the Americas' most incredible journeys, including routes on foot and by bike, road, rail, and water. A great gift purchase for enthusiastic on-the-ground or armchair travelers, those keen to have bucket-list experiences, and US travelers taking multiple holidays.

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