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The Unfiltered Enneagram: A Witty and Wise Guide to Self-Compassion

The Unfiltered Enneagram: A Witty and Wise Guide to Self-Compassion


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From Instagram’s snarkiest Enneagram expert comes a hilarious and insightful book that shows how embracing our shadow side is our best path toward greater self-awareness and compassion.

Most Enneagram books focus on stroking ego rather than challenging it. Elizabeth Orr’s The Unfiltered Enneagram offers practical strategies for liberating yourself from your own garbage. It’s a humorous, no-frills reckoning with our shadow side—the ways we cope with stress or fear—that unlocks the life-changing wisdom of this popular personality typology system. Readers will discover that courageously and comically acknowledging the worst attributes of their Enneagram Type can bring out the best in themselves.

Filled with laugh-out-loud descriptions, sobering truths, and inspiring prompts, each chapter is an under-the-rug look at the nine Enneagram Personality Types:

• Type One—R Is for Reformer (and Resentment)
• Type Two—Self-Sacrifice with Some Serious Strings Attached
• Type Three—Hall of Mirrors in a House of Cards
• Type Four—Feelin’ Misunderstood (and I’m Going to Make It Your Problem)
• Type Five—When Intellectual Maximalism Meets Emotional Minimalism
• Type Six—Who Needs Trust When I’ve Got Projection?
• Type Seven—The Paradoxical Paralysis of Making Too Many Awesome Plans
• Type Eight—Large, in Charge, and Just This Side of Belligerent
• Type Nine—Comfortably Numb (and Impressively Stubborn)

Insightful for long-time Enneagram enthusiasts, pragmatic for newer fans, and hilarious and accessible for everyone, The Unfiltered Enneagram shines a generous light on the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of us all—inviting us to see that the only way to find self-compassion is to embrace wholeness.

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