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No Place for Devils (Diablos Locos Motorcycle Club)

No Place for Devils (Diablos Locos Motorcycle Club)


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The country is falling, and it's no place for devils.

In the Cártel, death was the only way out. I fought for a new life and bled for my freedom. Los Diablos Locos Motorcycle Club call me President now, and though they all bow to me, there's one woman who won't.

My wife.

Doctor Emory O'Connor.

As the government crumbles all around us, she's come running to me for protection from her past. But the Irish snake I've caged isn't willing to submit to the conditions of the safety I provide.

Our vows may have been a lie, but I'll set us free with the bloody truth.

No place for Devils is book 1 of the Diablos Locos Motorcycle club series. This is a dark romance with marriage of convenience and high stakes while the world crumbles around them. Please check content warnings, this book is violent and explicit, not intended for readers under 18.

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