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Focus on What Matters: A Collection of Stoic Letters on Living Well

Focus on What Matters: A Collection of Stoic Letters on Living Well


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Why is it so hard to live well amidst the chaos and noise? While you might think this is a problem of the modern world, it's a timeless issue.

2000 years ago, the ancient Stoics talked about the exact same challenges we're facing today, like:

* How can we find inner peace?
* What does it take to be happy?
* Can we become more resilient?

The answers can be found in the philosophy of Stoicism. I've used the philosophy since 2014 to change my life and career.

Focus on What Matters is a collection of 70 letters/essays I wrote about different aspects of life, from happiness, wealth, health to relationships and much more.

These letters, inspired by the original works of the Stoic philosopher Seneca, serve as reminders to focus on the right things in our chaotic lives.

The goal of the original "Letters From A Stoic" by Seneca was to share Stoic ideas with his friend, Lucilius, who had hedonistic tendencies and lived a busy life.

Focus on What Matters is inspired by those letters. It will show you..

* Simple thought exercises to become resilient and focused
* How to live in the present moment every day
* Authentic Stoic values for a life of happiness
* A way to build more discipline

In short, this book helps you to live well despite the challenges of daily life.

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