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Barb and the Battle for Bailiwick (3) (Barb the Last Berzerker)

Barb and the Battle for Bailiwick (3) (Barb the Last Berzerker)


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The action of Moana meets the humor of books like Dog Man in this explosive and uproariously funny third book following Barb and her friends as they face off against Witch Head’s Shadow Army.

Barb is being held prisoner by the evil Witch Head at his lair, Castle Skunkwark. Injured and weakened, Barb is no match for the villain, but they both get a surprise when Raven, her Berzerker mom, appears to rescue Barb. The mother-daughter duo gets away but can’t stop Witch Head’s nefarious plan: he’s summoning a powerful army from the Shadow Realm and sending them to take over Bailiwick for him, once and for all.

Can a ragtag crew of berzerkers and five Wise Wizards with rusty powers find a way to beat the infamous Shadow Army? Can Barb figure out how to harness the mystical power of the Ghost Blade to lead the charge? And can Porkchop make sure everybody has enough snacks?

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