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62 Souvenirs: Keepsakes from the 1962 Seattle World's Fair

62 Souvenirs: Keepsakes from the 1962 Seattle World's Fair


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The Century 21 Exposition forever changed the landscape of Seattle. It brought new architecture, celebrity appearances and national fanfare, sending the city on a promising and unique course.

Thousands of official and unofficial souvenirs were produced to advertise and commemorate the Seattle World's Fair. Some were attractive, unique and functional, while others were just plain weird: banks using branded pieces of nuclear reactor windows, folding steak knives, buttons protesting the affects of short-term vacation rentals and even a brochure for topless showgirls were all produced for the fair.

62 Souvenirs showcases a unique collection of those souvenirs curated by Norm Bolotin and Zack Bolotin.

Norm Bolotin is a historical nonfiction author whose books have been published by Penguin, University of Illinois Press and Scholastic. After attending the fair as a child, he was enamored by it and as an adult, has appeared on PBS discussing the fair and its souvenirs, and assisted with collections at MOHAI and Seattle Center.

His son, Zack Bolotin, eventually became enamored by the fair as well. In addition to operating Porchlight Design Co., his interest in Seattle's mid-century architecture and design has led to a deep love of the Seattle World's Fair. The influence of mid-century design seen at the expo can be seen in his work for the Eames Office, Microsoft, Death Cab For Cutie and others.

While the two may have taken slightly different avenues towards their love of the Seattle World's Fair, the intersection combines a vast variety of knowledge and interests. 

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