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The Funny Thing

The Funny Thing


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The whimsical successor to Millions of Cats

The Funny Thing is Gág’s follow-up to her well-loved first book, Millions of Cats. It tells the story of a curious dragon-like “aminal” that eats children’s dolls. A kindly old man named Bobo cannot stand by and allow the Funny Thing to steal dolls from children. He entices it to eat “jum-jills,” a concoction he makes up from seven nut cakes, five seed puddings, two cabbage salads, and fifteen little cheeses, all rolled into little balls. A happy ending is assured when the Funny Thing discovers he loves jum-jills and is convinced that they will make his tail grow longer and his blue points grow more beautiful. He returns each day for the treats and never eats another doll.

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