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Hold Back the Rain

Hold Back the Rain


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A gripping true story about a family unraveling—and how one woman regains her mental health and finds solace after becoming a widow.

The recounting of an emotional and personal experience, Hold Back the Rain shares the true story of one woman’s journey through a challenging adulthood. What happens when a stable, happy life begins to slowly drift away, further and further out of reach? What happens when life continuously goes wrong at every turn—from career changes to marriage strife to illness to death? And who will be there to help pick up the pieces?

With honesty and confidence (and a touch of Duran Duran), Michelle Vignault shares her journey of ups and downs through a complicated life, and how a special friendship helped her through the darkness to find a second chance at happiness. With the support of a best friend, Vignault discovers the tools she needs to overcome one obstacle after another until she eventually regains control of her family. Hold Back the Rain brings to light the difficult realities of life but ultimately is the story of how inner strength and perseverance are the keys to making it through.

Life is full of heartbreaking moments—but it is in these darkest hours that true bonds are formed.

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